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This is what sets us apart from all the other builders


Up to 70% savings on monthly utility bills


Virtually allergen, pollen and mold free Sound suppressant


Designer homes, convenient layouts Safe homes


Hurricane and tornado resistant up to 200 mph winds Fire resistant up to 4 hours


Independent agencies certified quality of our homes: FPL “Build Smart”, “Energy Star”, “Water Star”, “Green Home”


Comparable cost to traditionally built homes plus continued savings over lifetime of home.

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Green Homes benefits for our homeowners

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Florida Green Construction, Inc is your choice ICF home builder in Florida. ICF homes are proven to be safer, more economical and healthier to live in.

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Icynene® is an example of a green building product that pays homeowners numerous dividends - both short term an long term.

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What our customers are saying about Green Homes

This home is absolutely amazing. I had called FPL to complain about my latest electric bill, which is the highest it's ever been here at $ 81 and they laughed at me. Apparently, most people's bills this month becuase of the cold snaps were over $300.00. My house is over 2,300 SF, and I normally pay about $50.00...

Matthew RinaldiElementary school teacher

I was so excited to move into my new Florida Green Home. What happened next, I didn’t expect. The very first thing I noticed is how quite it is. Virtually no outside noise. The surprises kept coming. Imagine opening up your electric bill for the very first time. Scary, at least for me. I thought surely there must be some kind of mistake. It had been very cold for about 12 days. I ran the heat, although it never seemed to be running. I opened my bill and to my amazement it was $36.00 dollars...

Amanda MazzieMiss American Renaissance, 2009

I’ve lived in a Florida Green Home for 2 years now and would like to share some valuable information with the many people who are unaware of the real advantages of living in this type of home. To me most importantly and first of all my son’s allergies have gotten much better since we moved in here...

Pearvenia Hill

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